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Awesome Node.js development tools for 2015

With the arrival of Node.js, creating a website in JavaScript is very easy and cost-effective. This framework brings a massive changeover in the web application development with the advanced push innovation instead of using old web sockets. With these beneficial aspects, Node.js is gaining popularit

Building and Deploying Microservices with AWS Lambda and Semaphore

AWS Lambda is an AWS service that runs your code in response to events or HTTP requests. Here's how to easily build and deploy a Node.js Lambda microservice.

Introduction ------------

AWS Lambda is a service from the Amazon Web Services family which runs your code based on various events

Node.js Production Environment - a Step-By-Step Guide for Startups

Setting up a Node.js production environment and the continuous deployment pipeline for that is not a trivial task to do. Also, if you don't have enough DevOps personnel, it may be impossible to achieve.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can easily setup a build pipeline, a stag

Developing Modularized Web Apps with ReactJS and Webpack

ReactJS is great. It allows you to create easily complex web applications and user interfaces, without worrying how all is going to update.

As any great technology it is very easy to start with. However, as soon as you begin writing more complex applications your React app begins to grow very qui

How To Create a RESTful API with Node.js

In a previous how-to, we created a RESTful API to search videos, performing the actual search through YouTube Data API. To provide additional support for languages and to demonstrate that we are stating general principles that can be implemented using (almost) any programming language/technology, in

File Uploading in Node JS (Part 1)

Hello friends, previously we tried to upload a file using PHP, Java (JSP), but in this post we are going to learn how to upload a file using Node JS. Its very simple to upload file using Node JS than other scripting languages or technologies. In this post we will focus on following topics, How can

The Beginner's Guide to Terminal for Node.js Development

When we are doing a NodeSchool or a Node.js/Microservices training we usually run into participants who feel lost when they have to use the terminal. Because of this we decided to do a mini blog series of two posts of using the terminal for Node.js development: one dealing with the very basics, and